PrintWe have an experienced team that is deeply involved in development of speciality applications that cater to a specific product in Android domain to run on stand-alone mobile phones or custom mobile platforms. The team was so far involved in development of following applications.

  • Medical Diagnostics & Collection Device
  • eBook
  • eTextBook
  • Custom applications for an evolving tablet platform

Due to strigent requirements of some of the above applications specific to the product solutions, the team was extensively involved in development of following functions and handling of necessary features of Android.

  • Rich UI
  • Client/Host Communication
  • Storage
  • Restricted access of phone applications
  • Database
  • Custom Forms
  • NDK
  • Instrumentation test cases for automated testing
  • CTS

Coupled with our expertise in BSP and system software, we are poised and have competencies to develop complete Android based platforms.

Considering the handling of many intricate features of Application development and good exposure to OS internals and system software, out team has capabilities to take upon this application development for other popular phone platforms like iPhone.

  • 40% contributions to overall Testing and QA activities
  • Testing support for multiple – OSs, Computing platforms, Customer systems, Graphics chip families

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