Computer hardware Problem & Solution By Anil Minz

Problem: – after turn on computer CPU will over heated. If you connect pen drive or modem its will be over heated.

Solution: – Problem is in your Motherboard’s connecter cables. Open all connecter cable from Motherboard. And reconnect all cable. If problem is not solved Hardware

Problem: – When I turn on my computer it will automatic shut down after 15 second. And it will restart also after some time.

Solution: – Your power supply is faulty. Change your power supply. And open your processor cooling fan and attach cooling paste with cooling fan.

Problem: – I have no UPS. It wills any problem for my computer.

Solution: – Yes when your computer improper shut down due to Main power failure. It will make some pressure on your computer parts. And voltage fluctuation is a cause of Hardware parts damages. So use UPS for solve those problem.

Problem: – When I run Video files it will not run properly. Sometime it will stop. Sometime Sound and Video not match.

Solution: – Your CD or DVD Drive is low quality. Replace a high quality CD or DVD Drive. If problem not solve change your Media player.

Problem: – When I want save some files a message shown “low disk space”. But My Computer has sufficient space.

Solution: – Delete unnecessary files from your hard drive. Or run disk cleanup Command for clean Hard disk. Sometime virus cans those kinds of problems. Run updated antivirus & remove virus from your computer.

Problem: – My computer stated very slowly. Some time it hangs out.

Solution: – Your RAM maybe not works properly. Open RAM from slot and clean it and insert again. If problem not solved reinstall Operating system. Anil Minz


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