How to Recover Deleted Photos from Memory Card.

Memory cards are widely popular nowadays due its capacity of higher storage, portability, light weight and smaller physical size. It allows us to store our precious photos, videos and music etc and used in many devices like mobile phones, cameras, camcorders, tablets, laptop, MP3 player etc. It has the ability to revise photographic films and stored photos in various formats such as digital format with high resolution, image editing option, re-recordable and you can also be able to view photo immediately.

Sometimes we trapped in worst situation and lost our memorable photos from memory card. Accidently deletion or formation, hard drive crashes are the main reasons for losing images from memory card. That is why it is necessary for you to maintain backup of data because if you had no backup and you deleted your images from card then you might lose them forever. Here are some of the reasons due to which you lost your images from memory card.

Causes Leads to Photo Loss in Memory Card.

There are several causes due to which you lose your photo from SD, SDHC, Compacts flash cards.

  • Formatting card: If you formatted your memory card because of any reason on your phone or camera, recovery chances are high as long as the card was untouched after the last format.
  • Deleting images accidently: Sometimes you mistakenly click “Delete All” option instead of choosing any particular unwanted photo that also leads to photo deletion on memory cards.
  • Data failure: One of the common scenarios of memory card failure is when a card fails throughout the process of writing images to the card.
  • Abrupt removal of memory card: Abrupt removal of memory card without properly ejecting it from the computer may corrupt the files and leads to photo loss in memory card.

To prevent photo loss, it is better if you could maintain backup of your memory cards.  If you have portable hard drive, you can backup all images with a single button. If you made numerous backup of your data, try to avoid formatting your memory card on your system and do it on camera or mobile phones instead.

How to Retrieve Deleted Photos from Memory Card?

If you are still can’t be able to recover your lost photos from your memory card then use, Photo Recovery Software, it is a leading software that is supported for Windows operating system. It is mainly designed for memory card and supports all types of cards such as SD card, Micro SD card, SDHC card, Compact Flash, SDXC etc. This tool easily recovers your lost, formatted, deleted or corrupted photos from memory cards. It also provide easy user interface so that anyone can use this tool and retrieve their images from memory card. With the help of this tool, you can recover images from different formats like JPEG, TIFF, X3F, PNG, PSP, BMP, RAW, GIF images etc.

Steps to Recover Photos from Memory Card.

STEP 1: First download and install photo recovery software. In your computer, connect media card and launch the software. After then, click on “Recover Photo” button.

STEP 2: A list will be emerged to select the required drive. Here you have to click on “Start Now” option; you can also select “Advance Scan” option to customize the recovery.


STEP 3: By choosing “Advance option” you can perform selective recovery pro


cess based on the deleted image type you want to restore.

STEP 4: After preview, select those files from the recovered files that you want to recover.

STEP 5: In the appeared box, enter the location where you want to save the retrieved images and wait till the completion of process bar.

Anil Minz


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