How To Track Websites That Have Been Visited Your Child During Online Surfing? Anil Minz


In this digital era where everyone is found of latest tech devices, most kids have to access to stuff which their parents could never even have imagined. In this internet is the ever expanding and ever evolving entity though it has several risks and dangers. It is very much important for parents to make their child aware of cyber security, and help them inculcate safe web practices. But as we all know that Childs are get attracted to bad thing more frequently than good things, so to make them understand every time is not that possible. So let’s take a look over some ways by which parents can keep track over what their child is actually doing online, without interfering on their privacy and independence.

One simple way by which you can easily know about the visited sites is “cookies “.a cookies is a little program that is sent to your PC from the web sites you are visiting. Virtually all websites uses such cookies. Actually it’s a small piece of code that is sent from the website to your PC and it automatically gets saved to your PC’s windows files. This contains all information that would make a site individual and customizable. So these cookies will really going to help you a lot to check what type of types have been visited by your child.

  • Open windows explorer
  • Scroll down to the “cookies” folder then make double tap over it. On the right side of the screen you will see complete list of cookies. Put your mouse pointer over each icon on the right side of the screen as it will show you the name of the cookies. You will know if one is out of the ordinary by the name.

For example:  default@tripod[1] Type: Text Document Size 82 Bites

  •  Scroll down to the history folder. Now double click on the folder to open it. All the visited sites in that time frame will be displayed on the right side of the pane.
  •  At last scroll down to the temporary Internet Files and open it up by making the double click over it. It is another place where the cookies are get saved and you can see what websites have been visited.

And here you get whatever you want to check and if in case by opening these files you find it empty then it means that someone else know how to check these files and has already deleted them.

Best way to track your child online activity:

In this situation you need to use PhoneSheriff parental control software that is the best software to provide the ability to see how much time has been spent by one on every website.  In addition to that you can also know where they are actually visiting when they go online. Beside this the software  also help you to block filter and block some particular activities like you can specify a time when no calls can be made or the smart phone cannot be used. With the use of PhoneSheriff you can also track the location of your child with the latest smartphones and tablets which have a GPS receiver built inside. It is the best suited tool for parents to monitor the activities of their children over phone. It keeps you children on the right track and out of harm’s way. Anil Minz


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