How To Think Positive Thoughts


Sometimes even the most effective medicine is not sufficient for a complete recovery. If you are dealing with sickness or major life transformation then here are some ways that can help you to channel your negative thoughts into positive outlooks.

  • When talking, try to use positive words only. If you keep on telling yourself “I can’t” then you might persuade yourself that this is the truth. Try to tell yourself “I will do my best” instead.
  • Push your negative feelings away and stay focused on the positive things in life11.When you’re feeling down, don’t get overwhelmed by those negative thoughts.
  • Fill your thoughts with words that invoke strength and success. Focus on words that can make you happy and strong instead of those that can make you feel incompetent.
  • Create a positive affirmation on your mind. One of the best positive thoughts is to tell yourself “I deserve to be happy.” Believing that this is a reality can give you a positive outlook on life.
  • When you start feeling anxious, direct yourself to happy thoughts. Create a positive image in your mind to boost positivity and avoid bad feelings.
  • Always believe that you can succeed. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt by believing that you will succeed in accomplishing your goals.







iOS 11: The 11 best features of Apple’s new software


Apple is due to release the latest version of its iPhone and iPad operating system next month alongside the iPhone 8.

The new software, unveiled in June, features a host of upgrades including iPhone-to-iPhone payments and a “do not disturb while driving” mode.

Peer-to-peer Apple Pay

Apple is adding a highly anticipated feature to Apple Pay, its payments system, that allows users to pay one another within iMessage. The peer-to-peer payments can be made and verified through biometric security, such as Touch ID or Face ID. The service will be available across iOS devices and the Apple Watch when iOS 11 is released next month.

New-look control centre

Apple is refreshing its iPhone Control Centre in iOS 11. The redesign has a simpler look, fitting on a single page with sliders and key functions.

Using 3D touch, users can press for further details and more depth of options and information. The overall look is de-cluttered compared with iOS 10.


Apple is adding to Maps a speed limit guidance and lane navigation while driving.

Maps in iOS 11 will also include detailed floor plans of airports and shopping centres, allowing users to better plan their trips. This will be coming to London’s Heathrow and Gatwick airports initially.

In addition to the update in Maps, Apple is rumoured to have created an augmented reality tool that could guide users around bysuperimposing directions onto the real world.

Do not disturb while driving

Apple will introduce a new driver safety feature in iOS 11. The feature, called “Do Not Disturb While Driving”, can detect when owners are driving and triggers the new mode.

It turns the user’s iPhone screen black and gives them the option to send automatic replies telling contacts they are on the road.

Do not disturb while driving
Do not disturb while driving CREDIT: APPLE

Smarter Siri

Apple’s Siri virtual assistant is getting a makeover in iOS 11. The new Siri, with more natural male and female voices, can translate speech, including English, French, German Chinese, Spanish and Italian. It can also be used for task management, to take notes and to scan QR codes.

The intelligent assistant will monitor what users do across their devices to learn how we use apps and services. In iOS 11 Siri can spot interests, such as what news articles you read, and make recommendations from these.

The HomePod speaker will go one sale in the UK in December  CREDIT: APPLE

The upgraded Siri will also power Apple’s HomePod speaker, which will go on sale in the UK in December.

Redesigned messenger

Apple’s iMessage will now synchronise messages across devices, so deleting a message in one app will delete it across all devices. It will also feature a new toolbar for emoji and stickers within iMessage.

Another major update is the addition of Apple Pay as an app to iMessage. Users can instantly send payments through iMessage. If another users sends a message asking for a payment, Apple Pay can immediately recommend making the payment so you can quickly reimburse friends.

Better camera and photos

The iPhone camera is getting a series of updates in iOS . It will be improved with better compression for captured videos and pictures that will offer the same image quality at half the size on the user’s device.

Apple Photo
Apple Photo  CREDIT: APPLE

Apple has implemented changes to its portrait mode, including better low light photography through its dual cameras. Live photos will now enable “Loop” and “Bounce” effects to create continuous video loops.

The Photos App will also be able to create memory movies based around memories, photos of pets or friends.

Updates for iPad

Apple has taken inspiration from macOS in iOS 11 for iPad. The updated software includes drag and drop, a new way to switch between apps and a tool bar that are all reminiscent of their equivalent functions on Mac computers.

The tool bar can predict what apps it thinks users are going to want to open next, and drag and drop lets them open side bars easily.

iOS 11 for iPad also includes a files section that pulls all files on a device from Apple and third party apps. It can bring files from OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox and puts all files into the one place for easy organisation.

The new iOS update is already available to developers in a beta test version and is set to launch next month as the software for the iPhone 8.

Here are the 11 best features in the new iOS.

Android O official OTA update will reportedly arrive in August

New Delhi: in March this year, Google introduced Android O, the next version of its mobile operating system. The company provided more details about the OS’ features last month during its I/O developers’ conference. And even though Google said that Android O will arrive later this year, it seems that the OS will now come in August.

David Ruddock from Android Police website has tweeted that the official OTA for Android O will be hitting in the first two weeks of August. He further says that OTA update will naturally be reaching Pixel and Nexus smartphones first, followed by other handsets. If it’s true, this would mean that Android O will reach eligible devices earlier than the time Android 7.0 Nougat took to reach compatible devices.

Google I/O 2017: 7 new features coming to your smartphone with Android O update

Google I/O 2017: 7 new features coming to your smartphone with Android O update
Picture-in-Picture mode
Notification badges
Smart Text selection
System optimizations
Battery boost
Autofill with Google Chrome
New homescreen for Android TV

Google I/O 2017: 7 new features coming to your smartphone with Android O update

Google’s next big release – Android O beta – has entered Developer Preview 2. The search giant made the announcement at its annual developers conference, Google I/O, in Moutain View, California. Android O succeeds the company’s current-generation mobile OS, Android Nougat. At the event, the company also gave a sneak peek into some of the features coming in Android O, the new Android version arriving later this year. Here are seven new features coming to your Android smartphone with ‘O’ update.

Picture-in-Picture mode

As widely speculated, the new picture-in-picture mode will let users perform two tasks simultaneously on a smartphone or a tablet. They can video call or watch a video and work on a different app in the background at the same time using this mode.

Notification badges

Similar to notifications in Apple iPhones, Android O-powered smartphones too will now show the notification count in top corner of the app icon. This will let users view the count without opening the app. Users will also get the option to turn off the notification badges for apps from the Settings app.

Smart Text selection

Using Google’s advanced machine learning techniques, Android O will bring the ability to select texts, recognise it as an address, email ID or a contact number, and will show related options. Users can long tap on a text inside the address and the OS will automatically select the complete address.

System optimizations

Android O is said to make apps run faster and smoother. The search giant has made changes in its runtime including new optimizations such as concurrent compacting garbage collection, code locality and more.

Battery boost

Android O will bring new limits on background location and Wi-Fi scans, saving more data than ever before. This is expected to increase battery life and free up more RAM in a device.

Autofill with Google Chrome

Chrome’s autofill feature in Android O aims to make it easy to set up a new device and synchronize passwords. However, not all apps will be supported with this feature initially.

New homescreen for Android TV

Google also showcased its Android TV homescreen experience for Android O at the IO 2017 conference. The revamped Android TV homescreen will be arriving later this year along with the Android O. The new homescreen will make it easy to find, preview, and watch content provided by apps.
Google I/O 2017: 7 new features coming to your smartphone with Android O update
Picture-in-Picture mode
Notification badges
Smart Text selection
System optimizations
Battery boost
Autofill with Google Chrome
New homescreen for Android TV

Ruddock didn’t reveal the exact date of the rollout, as it’s subject to change.


For those unaware, Android O has been available to test for developers since March. During Google I/O in May, the company rolled out the second public beta preview for Nexus 5X, 6P and Player, as well as Pixel, Pixel XL and Pixel C devices.


The new OS is said to bring “more fluid experiences” to eligible device, in addition to improvements aimed at enhancing battery life and security.


Google also demonstrated Android O’s picture-in-picture mode, which allows users to work simultaneously on different apps in the background. There’s also a ‘Smart Text Selection’ feature that lets users copy and paste addresses, email IDs and contact numbers easily.


With Android O, Google is planning to reduce device start up times and app launch times better. The company has still not revealed which OS version number Android O will carry. The official name of the OS hasn’t been revealed either.


Dell Laptop Is Creating Problem With Turn On :

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What to do when your dell laptops is not working on ?
Many a times it happen that your system may not be working or turning on deu to some reason. And there may be some big or small problem with the laptop. For some minor error in the system, people may look below the given steps to get the solution to your problem. So, the easy steps are as below :-

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Step 2: Then after that remove your battery from the system.
Step 3: When you have removed your system battery then after that press tthe power button of laptop for ateast fifteen seconds.
Step 4: Now after this plug the AC adapter back into the systemFree Articles, and that too without replacing the battery of it.
Step 5: Now finally press on the power button of the laptop to make it turn on.
Step 6: Finally you have make on your system and see whether it is totally ready to be used for your purpose.

Now as you have finished all your set up to remove the problem with your system. Some times it also happen that when you connect your laptop with the charger then it does not glow the light on the system. Even it may be charging the laptop. So in that case there may be some issue with its internal connectivity problem. Even if you are not getting the proper solution for the same then kindly contact to the Dell laptop customer service number


Support for Zone Alarm Antivirus will Eliminate all Annoying Issues

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Support for Zone Alarm antivirus will help to run automatic updates in Zone Alarm security:-

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Wireshark Tutorial: Network & Passwords Sniffer

Computers communicate using networks. These networks could be on a local area network LAN or exposed to the internet. Network Sniffers are programs that capture low-level package data that is transmitted over a network. An attacker can analyze this information to discover valuable information such as user ids and passwords.

In this article, we will introduce you to common network sniffing techniques and tools used to sniff networks. We will also look at countermeasures that you can put in place to protect sensitive information been transmitted over a network.

Topics covered in this tutorial

  • What is network sniffing?
  • Active and passive sniffing
  • Hacking Activity: Sniff Network
  • What is Media Access Control (MAC) Flooding

What is network sniffing?

Computers communicate by broadcasting messages on a network using IP addresses. Once a message has been sent on a network, the recipient computer with the matching IP address responds with its MAC address.

Network sniffing is the process of intercepting data packets sent over a network.This can be done by the specialized software program or hardware equipment. Sniffing can be used to;

  • Capture sensitive data such as login credentials
  • Eavesdrop on chat messages
  • Capture files have been transmitted over a network

The following are protocols that are vulnerable to sniffing

  • Telnet
  • Rlogin
  • HTTP
  • SMTP
  • NNTP
  • POP
  • FTP
  • IMAP

The above protocols are vulnerable if login details are sent in plain text

Ultimate guide to Network Sniffers

Passive and Active Sniffing

Before we look at passive and active sniffing, let’s look at two major devices used to network computers; hubs and switches.

A hub works by sending broadcast messages to all output ports on it except the one that has sent the broadcast. The recipient computer responds to the broadcast message if the IP address matches. This means when using a hub, all the computers on a network can see the broadcast message. It operates at the physical layer (layer 1) of the OSI Model.

The diagram below illustrates how the hub works.

Ultimate guide to Network Sniffers

A switch works differently; it maps IP/MAC addresses to physical ports on it. Broadcast messages are sent to the physical ports that match the IP/MAC address configurations for the recipient computer. This means broadcast messages are only seen by the recipient computer. Switches operate at the data link layer (layer 2) and network layer (layer 3).

The diagram below illustrates how the switch works.

Ultimate guide to Network Sniffers

Passive sniffing is intercepting packages transmitted over a network that uses a hub. It is called passive sniffing because it is difficult to detect. It is also easy to perform as the hub sends broadcast messages to all the computers on the network.

Active sniffing is intercepting packages transmitted over a network that uses a switch. There are two main methods used to sniff switch linked networks, ARP Poisoning, and MAC flooding.

Hacking Activity: Sniff network traffic

In this practical scenario, we are going to use Wireshark to sniff data packets as they are transmitted over HTTP protocol. For this example, we will sniff the network using Wireshark, then login to a web application that does not use secure communication. We will login to a web application on


The login address is, and the password is Password2010.

Note: we will login to the web app for demonstration purposes only. The technique can also sniff data packets from other computers that are on the same network as the one that you are using to sniff. The sniffing is not only limited to, but also sniffs all HTTP and other protocols data packets.

Sniffing the network using Wireshark

The illustration below shows you the steps that you will carry out to complete this exercise without confusion

Ultimate guide to Network Sniffers

Download Wireshark from this link

  • Open Wireshark
  • You will get the following screen

Ultimate guide to Network Sniffers

  • Select the network interface you want to sniff. Note for this demonstration, we are using a wireless network connection. If you are on a local area network, then you should select the local area network interface.
  • Click on start button as shown above

Ultimate guide to Network Sniffers

Ultimate guide to Network Sniffers

  • The login email is and the password is Password2010
  • Click on submit button
  • A successful logon should give you the following dashboard

Ultimate guide to Network Sniffers

  • Go back to Wireshark and stop the live capture

Ultimate guide to Network Sniffers

  • Filter for HTTP protocol results only using the filter textbox

Ultimate guide to Network Sniffers

  • Locate the Info column and look for entries with the HTTP verb POST and click on it

Ultimate guide to Network Sniffers

  • Just below the log entries, there is a panel with a summary of captured data. Look for the summary that says Line-based text data: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

Ultimate guide to Network Sniffers

  • You should be able to view the plaintext values of all the POST variables submitted to the server via HTTP protocol.

What is a MAC Flooding?

MAC flooding is a network sniffing technique that floods the switch MAC table with fake MAC addresses. This leads to overloading the switch memory and makes it act as a hub. Once the switch has been compromised, it sends the broadcast messages to all computers on a network. This makes it possible to sniff data packets as they sent on the network.

Counter Measures against MAC flooding

  • Some switches have the port security feature. This feature can be used to limit the number of MAC addresses on the ports. It can also be used to maintain a secure MAC address table in addition to the one provided by the switch.
  • Authentication, Authorization and Accounting servers can be used to filter discovered MAC addresses.

Sniffing Counter Measures

  • Restriction to network physical media highly reduces the chances of a network sniffer been installed
  • Encrypting messages as they are transmitted over the network greatly reduces their value as they are difficult to decrypt.
  • Changing the network to a Secure Shell (SSH)network also reduces the chances of the network been sniffed.


  • Network sniffing is intercepting packages as they are transmitted over the network
  • Passive sniffing is done on a network that uses a hub. It is difficult to detect.
  • Active sniffing is done on a network that uses a switch. It is easy to detect.
  • MAC flooding works by flooding the MAC table address list with fake MAC addresses. This makes the switch to operate like a HUB
  • Security measures as outlined above can help protect the network against sniffing.

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